Sunday, December 19, 2010

zomg NEW BLOG zomg?!

Even though I originally wanted Lauren to have her own blog, the more I posted the more sense it made to merge their blogs into one main one.  They're usually doing the same things anyways so it was always hard to decide where to post Christmas photos, for example.  So from now on, Parker and Lauren will have one superblog here:

So no more updates here!  And no more updates at Lauren's blog!  If you still feel like stalking following our family, book mark the new site and update Google Reader!  The nice thing about Blogger is that you can actually export your old blog into a file and then import it into your new location, transferring all of the posts and comments.  And since I transferred two blogs, it automatically arranged them chronologically, mixing the posts together, which is pretty awesome.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Early Christmas In Dresden!

Since April is on maternity leave we have flexibility to travel!  We went to Dresden for an early Christmas last week and here are some photos!
Laruen getting some Nana hugs.
 Lauren staring at me.
 Parker helping Nana make rice krispie squares that lasted about 15 minutes before they were all gone.
 Parker being a crazy person.

 Nana and Lauren quiet time on the little couch.
 It's hard to see Parker because he's lurking in the shadows like a ninja, but he was turning the tree on and off.
 Mommy and Parker excited for Nana and Papa to open their presents!
 Rip rip rip!

Checking out his stocking with Papa. 

Playing with new toys the next day! 
 Still playing with new toys!
 Wishing she was older so she could also play with new toys!
 Great grandma and baby Lauren hanging out.

 Watching Parker play with the train.
 Yeah, that one.
 Here's a sequence of Parker excitedly eating some "circles" (also known as M&Ms).  He got mini Christmas M&Ms and I let him have some after lunch one day.
 He initially set them up in a pattern.
 But then decided the best pattern was in his tummy.

 Self portrait.

 Papa and Lauren.

Thanks again for having us down for an early Christmas!  We survived the London blizzards!  Hooray!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gingerbread House

Parker's school hosted a gingerbread house-making event where parents and siblings got to come and help build them!  Here's Parker sticking some candies on his house.
 Use the candies to build.......OR EAT THEM?!?
 Lauren was really into it!

 Mmmmm....  edible houses.....
Thanks to Parker's teachers for putting everything together!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Parker Recommends.....

Grover explaining how exit signs work!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Breakfast With Scott & Milo

April had a weekend away with some friends, so when Scott and Milo dropped Gemma off they stayed for breakfast!  Here we are eating some Rice Krispies, watermelon, and Scott'sbread™.

 Then we went downstairs to check out the train table and buy some groceries.

 And Baby got to go for a ride in the laundry basket, which was awesome.

 Parker is really strong because he's been doing some running, and some jumping, and some lifting heavy things.
 Parker really wanted me to take a photo of Baby in the laundry basket.
 Milo showing a photo of Parker on Scott's phone from a while back.

Milo showing Scott how to send a text.

 Scott pretending to be asleep while Parker goes, "Wake up, Scott!"
Both of our houses survived without any incident of fire or explosion while April and Gemma were gone.  Hooray!