Sunday, August 31, 2008

Parker Vs. The Hose

Yesterday April and I spent the afternoon tidying the house. We cleaned out our garage (which was full of junk) and tidied up the lawn a bit. In the process, Parker found the hose. Here are some photos of him soaking himself and anyone who dared to get close enough to him to try to stop him.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back To The Future.....I Mean Cottage

Here are some more photos from a day trip we took to the cottage near Sharbot Lake. After our week there, Claire, Shawn and Kellen went for a visit so we stopped in to say hello. Here are some photos!

WARNING: There might be a naked baby coming up. I'm just saying.

Parker loves it when grandpa plays the harmonica. Especially the fast songs so he can do a little jig. Because you can't have harmonica without a jig.

Parker was really gentle with Kellen. I think he loves babies.

Shawn and Kellen enjoying some quiet time at the cottage.

Claire and Kellen also enjoying some quiet time at the cottage (although it looks like Claire's enjoying it more than Kellen).

Kellen practicing his Superman take off.

Kellen looks just like Shawn!

Naked baby alert! Here's Parker playing with his car and being hosed down after roaming the sandy beach. Luckily he didn't seem to mind that the hose-water was subarctic.

Friday, August 22, 2008

First Haircut Ever!

So after 15 months we (read: April) finally caved and took Parker for his first haircut at Shirley's Family Hair Care down the street from our house. We've been going there since we moved into the neighbourhood, partly because it's only a minute away and also because they're super nice. We like nice people. So we took Parker down this afternoon at 4:30 and had his messy curly hair trimmed up. As usual, here are 10 million photos!


Still not quite sure.....

Haha! The look on his face is funny. He was really good, just hanging out and looking around! We made sure to bring a few distractions for him, but thankfully he's the best baby ever.

Shirley was awesome with Parker, too, which really helped! She's super patient, and very soft-spoken and kind. You can't tell from the way Parker is staring into her soul in this photo, but I think he liked her.

Hair is getting shorter!

No more messy curls! This will especially help when he rubs mashed potatoes in his hair.

"A haircut? What, me worry?"

Nothing better than getting a haircut and offering Daddy a cookie to snack on.

Snippity snip (and chewity chew on the finger).

And here he is, post-haircut! It looks a bit weird in this photo because it's still sort of wet and flat and combed over, but it looks a lot different. I'll take some new photos tomorrow when he wakes up so you can see the full effect. No more wispy curly things at the back and sides! And Shirley said this will help his hair grow thicker, too, which is always a good thing.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Recent Photos?!? OMG LOL

Parker pulling on his ear, which he probably mistook as his hair.

Mouthful of broccoli in yo' face!

Parker's new thing is to shrug his shoulders and hold his arms up in an Alfred E. Neuman-esque, "What, me worry?" look while saying, "Uh oh!"

For a little boy who knows he's going to bed, he sure looks happy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Parker Wanted Me To Tell You...



"UH OH!!!!"



Monday, August 18, 2008

Cottage Country

April's parents rented a cottage near Sharbot Lake last week and we were able to spend a few days enjoying the cottage life! It's weird how many little cottages are on back roads in the middle of no where, but all of them have awesome lake views because there are so many little lakes north of Kingston. Claire, Shawn, and Kellen are visiting this week. Here are some photos:

Parker yukking it up at lunch time. I don't remember what was so entertaining, but he liked whatever it was that I was doing. Looks like he has a nice meal of corn and macaroni and possibly a meat product going on down there.

I guess when you finally get some teeth, you love using them. Like the time I was finally able to rent Battletoads for NES. It was so popular that it was always gone, but when I finally got my hands on a copy I must have played it for at least 128 hours straight. That's how Parker is, but with corn on the cob.

Here are some sunfish having a feeding frenzy outside a dock on the beach behind the cottage.

Wasn't there some mention of a hair cut a while back....? I'm just saying.

So, um, yeah. This photo. Parker normally takes a bath at our house and he walks around the tub and splashes around and stuff and generally has a really good time. The cottage only had a shower, so we weren't quite sure how to bathe him. So here's our solution: the cooler. I think there's a "You Might Be A Redneck...." joke somewhere in here.

Post-redneck-cooler bath, Parker emerges in his frog robe! He looks ready to hit the ring for a boxing match. Those frog eyes (and super cute happy smiley face) would totally intimidate Ivan Drago.

Parker and Grandpa reading a book while Mommy also reads a book. Neeeeeerds!

Parker having a quick snack before we went down to the water for a swim, shirtless and giddy.

At least he found his hat.

Grandpa pulling Parker around in his Parker-boat.

Grandpa, Abuelita, and Parker relaxing in the ice-cold lake! The look on Parker's face is hilarious.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Aaaaand Another Older Photo

Here's ANOTHER older photo from Parker's birthday. This is from my mom's camera. I'll post new photos soon! It's been a bit hectic around here lately so I haven't had much time!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mess With The Bull, You Get The Horns

Here's a photo my mom took at Parker's first birthday. That's his cousin Connor receiving an open-fisted blow to the jaw, not unlike E. Honda's hundred-hand slap.

Thursday, August 7, 2008