Monday, September 29, 2008

Parker Doing Little Boy Things

Here are some random photos of Parker being a cute little boy!

While he was running around with the wooden spoon, I was trying to teach him to say it.  SPOOOOOON!
One of his favourite past-times is to climb the stairs.  He especially likes to do it if he thinks we're not watching him, but he always gives himself away by squealing and giggling!
He figured out that he can sit on the stairs, which he thinks is pretty sweet.
Brushing his hair with a......meat basting brush thing?
Hanging out, being cute.

Greenview Aviaries

While we were in Dresden we went to Greenview Aviaries to look at all of the crazy animals. Here are a bunch of photos in no particular order:

Parker pointing to the swings and giong, "Weeeeeee!" He calls swings (and slides) "weeee".

Parker and Papa on the swings!

When Parker saw this little duck he pointed and said, "Ming Ming!" Haha! Too much TV for you, Parker Bear.

Parker and this baby goat were BFFs. The baby goat came right over as soon as Parker got near the fence so they could hang out.

Scary lion! Are they sure it can't jump over that fence....?

This wolf totally wanted to eat Parker. It followed us all along the cage as we walked by, licking its lips and sort of pacing back and forth.

Parker has a pop-up book about a crocodile and he's getting closer to being able to say it! It sounds kind of like, "Crocdaahh!"

More of Parker's friends, the baby goats.

This was super cute: Parker had a bunch of little Goldfish snacks in the cup-holder on his stroller, and he wanted to share them with the Alpaca! He held them out towards his little food dish and waved them around, so my dad put a few in and the Alpaca ate them. Parker was pleased.

Riding a dinosaur! ROAR!

Friday, September 19, 2008

More Dresden Shenanigans

Parker sporting his new fall shirt.
Eating a delicious lunch of his favourite foods:  peas, macaroni (shaped like Disney characters, no less), raspberries, watermelon, and kidney beans.  Mmmmm....

Playing with his new toy, one of those things you push along the floor and the balls inside pop around.
Parker on the move!

Parker loves sitting in this little chair.  He pushes it around all over the house, and then he'll randomly sit down in it, look around, smile, and get back up and continue pushing.  I think he likes how he can sit in it and his feet touch the floor.  And I think he also likes how he can sit in it all by himself, like a big boy.

Older Dresden Videos

The last time we were in Dresden (I think it was about two weeks after Parker learned how to walk) we took a bunch of photos and videos with my parents' camera.  I didn't get a chance to post them then but now that we're back I've copied them over to my computer.  Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Here he is sporting the latest in fall fashion:  the "I Just Escaped From Prison Pajamas".
Parker all cozied up in the big chair with a sippy cup of milk.  Mmmm.....  milk....

Here's Parker running around with a car and making the car sound, until he's distracted by how much fun it is to open and close the flap on his toy bag.
And here's Parker totally hypnotized by the giganticness of Nana and Papa's TV.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Parker And Daddy's Excellent Adventure

Parker and I are out of town shooting a wedding this weekend, so here is a little photo diary of our trip from Kingston to Dresden today.

Parker and I, fresh and ready to go at 8:30 in the morning! Although I look more ready to go than Parker does.

He still looks unsure, but he had a nice ride, and the timing worked out really well. He ate breakfast at our house at 8, then we hopped in the car.

We pulled over at around 10 to have a quick snack and walk around a bit. What better place to pull over than The Big Apple? Here's Parker in front of it. It's actually pretty big, but I didn't want to leave him close to the apple for scale. He's just a little boy and one of the many tourists could have scooped him up and ran away with him.

Here's Parker enjoying a llama.

Here is the llama to be enjoyed.

Parker thought the llama was super funny, and he also enjoyed the dirty, rusty chain on the fence! We'll be going for tetanus shots later on.

Toronto! Yay!

We pulled over at 11:30 to go to Parker's favourite restaurant ever: Swiss Chalet. He loves the chicken and mashed potatoes.

Here's Parker messing with his place mat. This photo was actually taken post-meal, but Parker spent some time earlier colouring on the back of the place mat and smiling at all of the waitresses. He loves waitresses.

Here he is reading some trivia on the place mat. You can see where we were colouring earlier.

After lunch, we hit the road again. Parker tried to stay awake but he couldn't! He fell asleep at about 1 pm and slept until we pulled off the highway!

Dresden! Yay!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Parker Vs. The Vacuum

Parker has a love/hate relationship with our vacuum.  On one hand, he thinks it's kind of big and loud scary, but on the other hand, it makes him laugh when we push it around.  A lot of times when I vacuum I'll put him in his playpen so he can just sort of stand there and watch, but here he is on the loose while April vacuumed the main floor the other day.  Parker is sporting his new jammies, too!  He's a bit young for the military, though.

"Greetings, fellow traveler!  Have you come to join me for some ale?"
"Forsooth, what kind of sorcery is this?"
"Perhaps I should investigate further."
"Eh, it's not so bad."

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rainy Day

It's been rainy and gloomy all morning so we had an indoor today (well, mostly indoors -- we made a quick trip to the post office earlier on). Here are some photos.

Parker loves looking outside through this window to see what's going on in the neighbourhood. Sometimes he'll see a woof woof (dog), sometimes he'll see a caaaaaah (car). I'm glad our window goes all the way to the floor! On some of the other house designs for our neighbourhood it only goes halfway down.

Parker found a hidden stash of books in the bottom of the closet and seemed quite pleased with himself.

Here I am using sneaky ninja photography skills to capture Parker in a super quiet, candid moment playing with his shoes. I really like this photo.

He has a mild obsession with his shoes. But he's getting really good at understanding what you're saying. I'll say, "Let's go outside, Parker! Get your shoes!" and he'll respond by saying, "SHOES!!!!" and then he gets them and brings them to me so I can put them on. So cute.

A closeup of his new Stride-Rite runner.

A blurry photo of Parker as he spun around to see what I was doing.

Parker was in super nerd book mode this morning. We must have read 100 books ("Five Fish" was a favourite). And if I would go to do something, I'd find him sitting quietly reading by himself. Smartest little boy ever? Probably.

Wondering why I keep taking photos of him.

We were listening to a live, acoustic Radiohead album and when the crowd starting applauding after a delightful rendition of Paranoid Android, Parker decided to join in. He's so polite like that.