Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Good To Be Polite

The other day at the grocery store, April asked Parker to put some baby carrots into the cart for me. He dropped them in and I said, "Thank you, Parker!" and his reply was, "You're so polite, Daddy!" There was a lady walking past us buying vegetables and she had a good laugh as we explained we were working on manners. :D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting Nicer Out?

Okay, so it's not spring time yet, but it's definitely getting a bit warmer out. It's hard to tell from Parker's hat and mittens that it was a reasonable temperature, but it was still kind of windy. Here we are checking out a different park in Amherstview just to mix it up a bit.
Parker looooves climbing the stairs.
He also loooooves bridges.

Looking coy while riding a gigantic elephant.

Looking terrified while riding a whale.
Parker turn the wheel, turn the wheel Parker....
Parker also loooooves airplanes. And he has super radar to spot them, as well.
Although I guess this one wasn't THAT hard to spot....
Down the slide! Weeeeeeeee!

C'mon, sun! Melt, snow, melt!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kellen's Second Birthday

On the weekend we went to Kellen's house to celebrate his second birthday! We haven't seen him in a while so it was cool to see how big he is and hear him talk! Here are some photos from the party:

Grandpa, Parker, and Lita taking a moment to pose/point for the camera.
Ripping into some presents.
Kellen's friend, Caden.
April being cute and pregnant.
Kellen's cousin, Elyjah, helping him read a book.
Happy birthday!

Mmmmm... orange juice moustache....
Kellen eating the remnants of Toodee.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Last week we went to Kristyne and Gabriel's house for a playdate, and Gabriel broke out the Hungry Hungry Hippos! Here's a photo (courtesy of Kristyne! Thanks!) of everyone playing at the table. Best game ever? Om nom nom nom nom....

Parker and Andrew were all about the two-thumbed technique, even though I tried to teach Parker that he could eat a million more marbles if he mashed the handle with the palm of his hand at light speed. It was fun watching them play!