Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random Stuff

So far Parker seems to be enjoying nursery school!  It's so weird asking him to tell us about his day and listening to the things he did.  His go-to line after, "What did you do at school today?" is always, "Played with the big red bridge!"  But after a bit more prying, he'll tell you more, like what he had for a snack and who read a book to them that day.  He also likes to play a computer game where you use the mouse to pop bubbles containing letters, which eventually spell words.  Here he is sporting his "bear hat" that he made last Thursday.
And here he is reluctantly posing for a portrait. 
 And here he is playing with his Chirpy clock (thanks Auntie Claire) and trying to tell time.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mazes and Bellybuttons

One of Parker's new favourite things are mazes.  We had a few random mazes in different activity books, but when we were at Target recently we bought him an entire book of mazes.  You could use a dry-erase marker and actually write on the pages, but he just like using his finger to go through them.  Here he is sitting on the couch and checking out a maze.

And here he is checking out his bellybutton.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apple Picking!

Last year we went apple picking at Wynn's near Sandhurst (or Bath?) so we thought we'd check it out again this year.  Parker seemed to enjoy it and April made some yummy apple foods with them, and we fed the rest to some horses and goats, which Parker also enjoyed.  Here's the orchard:
Here's Lauren sleeping through it.
Parker was pretty psyched to see they had pumpkins, too.
Pre-apple-picking family photo!  Thanks, girl-from-Wynn's!
Parker and Mommy (and Lauren!) off to find some apples.
Sleepy little girl.

He looks grumpy, but he's actually just in mid-chew.  

Om nom nom nom!

They gave him his own little basket to pick apples.
They still have a million zillion apples left if anyone in the area is looking to go apple picking!

Friday, September 17, 2010

First Day Of School!

Today was Parker's first official day of nursery school all by himself!  We went for an orientation last week, but we stayed in the class while he played.  Today we dropped him off for the first time ever!  Crazy!  Here are some photos:

Showing off his Spider-Man backpack.

Probably annoyed that I keep taking photos of him.
Sitting next to his little cubby hole thing where he hangs his jacket and backpack.
Looking around.
Not quite sure what's going on.
Checking out his name on the apple.  This morning before we went to school, April asked him about finding his name on the wall and he said, "On the apple!"  I guess he remembered the apple name tag thing.  Good remembering!
Here's Ms. Caroline taking Parker to see Charlie the bunny.
It was weird being at home without him!  The house was so quiet!  When we went to pick him up, we arrived a bit early and were able to peek into the window to see what he was doing.  Everyone was sitting at a table eating a little snack (according to Parker they were "bear cookies and milk") and being really cute.  Then they had circle time and were dismissed!  Parker was really happy to see us and started crying, which was pretty sad to see, but he said he had a good time.  He played with a big red bridge that goes with a Thomas train set (he's kind of obsessed with bridges), fed Charlie the bunny some water, ate a snack, and listened to a story (Wheels On The Bus, apparently).  He also painted a school bus picture which is now hanging on our fridge.  He said he's looking forward to going back, so hopefully it's a nice easy transition into going twice a week!  

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Parker's Camera Back In Action

It's been a while since I uploaded images from Parker's camera, so here's a new batch!  Some by me, but most by him!
Taking a photo of his foot.  Oooo, artsy.
Me sleeping.
His face.
Mommy and Parker before Lauren was born!
Kellen came for a visit back in August!

Lauren sleeping in her favourite spot.

Gabriel's new (well, not so new any more!) baby brother, Samuel!
Lauren, not ready for her close up.
Showing off his new Brobee underpants, courtesy of Scott, Gemma, Milo, and Target!  Thanks guys!
Parker's favourite game, Candy Land.  He likes to be the yellow guy, and he loves it when he gets an orange square card.
Proudly showing off his orange square card, but it was blown out by the fickle flash.

Daddy and Lauren.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gather 'Round!

Here's a photo of Nathalie showing Parker a video on her Blackberry.  
The video pleases him.

Monday, September 6, 2010

We Are The Robots

Parker recommends We Are The Robots from Yo Gabba Gabba!  I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Parker Looooooooves Mommy

Parker was running around the house the other day and I said, "Parker!  Want to pose for a picture?" and he stopped and grabbed mommy to be in the photo with him.  Awwwwwww.....