Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Dresden Photos

On our way home from Dresden, we stopped in Toronto at Claire's place to visit Kellen and drop off their anniversary present!

That one guy, totally hamming it up for the camera.

Mmmmm... fingers....

Kellen is all like, "I will fight you with knives!"

Awwwwww! Group hug.

Parker wearing his metrosexual UV-protected hat. He's still not sure if that look is in for this season.


Parker and Papa!

My parents took Parker over to my Aunt Nancy's place and she has a bunch of cats, and apparently Parker was running around trying to hug them and touch them and pet them (and probably name them George). And he also learned how to say kitty for the first time ever! So he was walking around, going, "Ki-tty! Ki-tty!" Cutest little boy ever? Perhaps.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Older Myrtle Beach Photos

Here are some photos from my parents' camera when we went to Myrtle Beach earlier this year. Parker looks so much younger even though it wasn't very long ago! Plus, there aren't very many photos of me and Parker, so here are a few (I needed a haircut)!

Adventures in Dresden

April, Parker and I went to Dresden on Friday for a little mini-vacation (and because I had to shoot a wedding in London on Saturday). Here are some photos from my parents' house!

Here's Parker walking around, eating his Caterpillar's Wish book. Mmmm, processed cardboard.....


Parker walking in the back yard with Mommy and looking back at Aunt Maria.

Parker got to see his cousin Brenna on Sunday!

Here he is sitting in Nana and Papa's GIGANTIC CHAIR.

Funny faces, anyone?

Swimming in the pool with Nana and Mommy! My parents bought this crazy chair-thing that Parker (and his cousin Connor -- I've seen the photos!) use to float in the pool. It has a nice shade thing so they don't get cooked in the sun!

Walking with Nana.

Relaxing with Mommy after a long day of hard work in the pool.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Reading, Walking, Hanging Out

Sorry about the logo-thing. I was experimenting with a new Photoshop action and I'm too lazy to re-do the photos without it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Walkity Walk Walk Walk

Here are some random photos of Parker walking around! Because he can walk now, you know.

And these are the infamous blocks that he throws down the stairs.

Here he is goofing around under the table. He used to be small enough to stand under the table without hitting his head, but now he has to duck!

Parker loves remote controls, especially this one for the radio. When ever he gets it, he's always super happy, like he won a prize or something. And then when he gets it, he doesn't even really press the buttons or anything -- he mostly just tries to throw it down the stairs.

"I've got the remote and you can't stop me!"

And here he is brushing his teeth in the bathtub! Yay for oral hygiene!

And another new word that Parker has is JUICE! When ever we're drinking something from a glass, he assumes it's apple juice and he'll point and go, "JUICE!!!!!" He also points at all the clocks and says, "CLOCK!!!!" Must have been all of that practice saying cock that's finally paying off!

Bottomless Pit

Parker's tummy is not unlike the Sarlaac Pit in Return of the Jedi. April was at a course in Toronto a few weeks ago and Parker and I went to Montana's for lunch. I figured they would have some plain chicken and mashed potatoes or corn or whatever. So we sat down and I looked over the menu and decided I'd order a chicken meal for me and just give him little bits of it. For some reason I had forgotten that Parker's tummy is like a bottomless pit. He ended up eating pretty much the entire meal by himself, and I was left with a few scraps of drumstick and a piece of cornbread. Even though he's just a little boy, he can eat an entire meal by himself! What's up with that? The nice thing, though, is that he knows when he's full so he'll stop eating when he's ready. He has always been a good eater, but now our grocery bill is going way up!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Booby Traps And Corn On The Cob

Parker's new thing is to throw foam blocks through the gate and down the stairs, creating a treacherous booby trap for any would-be prowlers. You know how Kevin rigs the house with crazy traps in Home Alone? That's Parker. He thinks it's SO funny when they tumble down the stairs, but check out the carnage it creates:

And here are two funny photos of Parker eating corn on the cob by himself! Now that he has teeth he loves biting things. We weren't sure if the corn was going to be too big for him, but luckily his giant paws allowed him to grip the corn and gnaw away. Mmmm.... corn....