Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Swimming Lesson Set Backs

We started swimming lessons again two weeks ago, and for some reason Parker is 0 for 2 when it comes to having fun. He used to loooove swimming, but for each lesson he's been REALLY clingy and cry-y (which is odd because he rarely cries). I'm still not 100% sure why but I think it's because there's also an open swim at the same time as our class and the pool is a total zoo. It's really loud and chaotic (when it's normally pretty quiet) and I'm thinking that might freak him out a bit. We're going to keep it up, though, and hopefully he'll be back to having a good time next week!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


The other night after April came home from work we decided to check out Wynn's Apples in Bath (or is it Sandhurst? Or Napanee?). Here are April and Parker, getting ready to move the car out of the driveway so we can take the other car.
Parker sporting his new hat (which looks cute, but didn't last very long).
Mommy and Parker headed towards the apple orchards. Parker was looking back to see a cat that was hiding under a little building.
Parker was super psyched to pick apples. He pretty much took off running down the aisle shouting, "APPLES! APPLES! APPLES!" Every now and then he'd stop at a random tree and say, "This one!" so that was the one we would pick. Here he is helping Mommy put some apples in the bag.

And here he is running like a maniac through the trees.
And here he is eating an apple. Don't tell the owners because we didn't pay for that one.
Mmmmmm.... apples.....
More running!
They had about 10 bazillion apples left on the trees! So if you're in the area and are looking for some, you can find them at Wynn's. We bought a half bushel bag (I think) for around $10.
Holding two apples and eating a third.
Chomp chomp chomp!

And April made some apple sauce for Parker that he loooooves! Hooray for apples!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Big Hat

The other day before we went out, Parker really wanted to wear this hat that's a bit too big for him. Looks like he's ready for a safari!

Also, here's a recap of this morning when Parker woke up at 7. I was convinced I was going to get one more hour of sleep (and April will sleep in tomorrow) and April said, "I'm going to bring him in here, okay?" I replied, "Okay..." thinking it wouldn't be a big deal. 5 minutes later I felt tapping on my shoulder, and when I rolled over Parker was laying down next to me, a few inches from my face, smiling, and shouting, "Wake up, Daddy!!!!" Haha! Funny kid. :D

Friday, September 25, 2009

When It's Hot Outside...

Sometimes when it's really hot outside, you just have to stick your face in the hose water.

And sometimes you also have to take all of your clothes off.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Conversation With Parker

Garrett: Want to go to the grocery store?
Parker: Grocery store!!!!!!!!1111eleven
G: Okay, can you get your shoes?
P: *gets shoes and sits down on the step* Get chicken?
G: Umm... maybe not today. We're going to get some bananas and carrots and I need some draino.
P: Okay! Drive!
G: Okay, let's go to the car.

And when we get to the grocery store...

P: Loney please?
G: Okay, let's go see the meat lady.
P: Hi lady! Loney please!
G: Can you say thank you?
P: Thank you!
G: Do we need anything else?
P: ........................beef! And bread!

He's getting so much better at talking! Yay! Still only a few word sentences at a time, but you can have little conversations with him, which is fun.

Prison Break Parker

Parker had a Nana and Papa weekend, and with that comes his Prison Break jammies!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Best. Corn. Ever. And Other Stuff.

Here are a bunch of random photos.
Parker really likes peeling things. Like edges of paper, and books, and stickers, and labels. Anything that will come off, really. Here he is examing (what looks like) part of a Disney book. After he rips them he likes to say, "Broken!" in a sad voice.
Arrrrr! I'm biting me spoon, matey!
And now I'm biting the best corn ever!

And now some cheese! Arrrr! (okay, the pirate theme is probably getting a bit old by now)

Sporting his new hat.

Sporting his new hat and having a hairy spaz. Arrrrr!
Before we went to leave for the park the other day, Parker insisted on bringing Bert. And then he wanted to make sure Bert had a hat on before we left.
Playing with a car on our couch.
He loves to drive them along the wall and across the top of the couch where there's a little ridge so he can go, "Bump bump!" when the cars go over it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nana And Papa Playing A Game...!

Nana and Papa came for a visit last week! We didn't get to see Papa very much because we shot a wedding on Saturday and then went to see The Killers in Toronto on Sunday, but they got to spend some fun time with Parker! And they even invented a new song that goes like this: "Nana and Parker playing a game...! Papa and Nana playing a game...! Parker and Papa playing a game...!" (repeat, just switching the names around). My mom had mentioned the song, but I didn't hear Parker sing it until yesterday during lunch. He randomly broke into it so I called her and Parker left a cute singing telegram voice mail message. :D Here are some photos of us at the west end market where we bought some sweet locally made soap from the Kingston Soap Company, some of the best corn we've ever eaten (pictures to come soon), and some jelly for April from Henderson Farms on Wolfe Island!

Here's the official album cover for "Nana And Papa Playing A Game". Look for it to drop in stores everywhere, Winter 2009.
"Oh a puppy!!!!"
"Touch the puppy? Hi puppy! Hi!"
Stopping to smell the flowers. Luckily it wasn't full of bees that wanted to sting his face, like every other bunch of flowers in Kingston!
Looking suspicious of locally grown produce while Nana and Papa admire their findings in the background.