Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Love Yooooou!

Here's a video of Parker emphatically telling us he looooves uuuuus!

Monday, April 20, 2009

First Trip To The Dentist

I took Parker to the dentist for the first time ever the other day!  There are a lot of mixed opinions as to when you should take your kids for their first checkup -- some dentists say 1 year, some books say 2, others say 3.  I called our dentist and asked, and she said any time after their baby teeth are in is fine because it will help them get used to it anyways.  He was pretty psyched to go see the dentist and was really happy about it in the car.  I kept saying, "Want to go see the dentist?" and he would reply, "OKAY!!!!!" and clap his hands.  Here he is in the car.
And here we are at the office.
Luckily they have a few little toys to play with in the waiting room.  Even though we didn't have to wait long, it definitely helped to have new things to mess around with!
The checkup was kind of funny.  I had to sit across from Dr. Taylor, with our knees touching and making a little chair.  Parker straddled my waist (facing me) and laid his head back on a little towel on her lap, so she was looking down (upside down) into his mouth.  He was okay until she put the mask and rubber gloves on and then he got a bit freaked out.  He kept saying, "Up, daddy!  Up!  Bye bye!" while crying, but crying was actually good because she could get a good look into his mouth!  She said his teeth were spaced apart nicely, and everything looked pretty decent.  His last molars are almost in, and his bite is aligned a bit to the left.  Here's Parker after the checkup, looking mildly confused with a mirror and a sticker:
After the dentist, we went to Toys R Us because we wanted to get Parker a portable booster chair thing for when we travel (something that we realized would be really useful when we were in Pennsylvania earlier).  Parker calls Toys R Us the Star store because of the big star on their logo.
Here he is in front of a wall of Yo Gabba Gabba stuff.  We ended up getting this booster chair.  Thanks for the recommendation, Lisa and Andrew!
Parker likes to run across to the neighbours' yards and transition from their driveways to their grass while saying bump BUMP!  
I had to call him back in though because we were about to eat lunch.  Oh, we also bought a little firetruck at Toys R Us (in his hand).  Not having snow on the ground is the best.

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Old Post!

This post is out of order because I actually started it a few days ago and then didn't come back to it (videos take a while to upload).  But check here for some video action!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Parker hosted his first ever playdate by having two friends over to our house this morning!  We invited Kristyne and Gabriel, and Lisa and Andrew (who we know from our time at the Early Years Centre, and also a few forums)!  I think everyone had a great time, which was awesome, because I was a bit nervous having people over!  We're hermits and don't have many guests over, so it was fun to have new people for Parker to hang out and share toys with!  Here are a bazillion photos!

Gabriel playing with a little wooden owl (I think) from Parker's name puzzle.
Parker laughing at something funny Kristyne said.  After this, he probably tried to steal her glasses.
Andrew with some GIGANTIC BLUE EYES!
Trying to steal my camera from me!
Gabriel seemed to dig the fridge magnets!  The alphabet letters are really cool!  I think they've really helped Parker learn the ABCs!
Andrew getting ready to show off his vertical and do a slam dunk.  The basketball net was a huge hit and we might have some future all-stars on our hands.
Gabriel checking out some Grumpy Bird action.
Time to colour!  Apparently Gabriel always goes for purple, Andrew always goes for orange, and Parker seems to go for yellow.  Weeeeird.

Gabriel went right to the Yo Gabba Gabba book!  It's a sign!  He wants to be a fan!  Even Andrew is like, "What's that awesome book you're reading?"
Gabriel with the two-handed slam!
Reading some Dora.

Thanks again for coming over!  Parker went to sleep in about 5 minutes after everyone left!

Brockville Easter Visit

On Saturday we stopped in to see Lita, Grandpa, Uncle Shawn, Aunt Claire, and cousin Kellen for a few hours!  Kellen is so much bigger than I remember because we don't get to see him very often, and it's kind of weird to see him walking on his own!  He's a walking machine!  We stayed for a nice lunch and then headed home in the afternoon, but here are some photos of our visit.

Some fine chalk art by Mommy and Parker in our driveway!
Parker is OBSESSED with bumps in the road for some reason.  When ever we go over a railroad track (or any bump, really) he yells, "Bump BUMP!!!" and is usually pretty happy about it. He also calls curbs (and any threshold, really) bump bumps.  But this is probably his favourite set of tracks, near our house but on the way to the 401.  Sweet, sweet bump bumps.
Cousin Kellen doesn't like my camera very much.
Walking and wearing a super cool Batman shirt!
Kellen and Parker, hanging out on the couch, being cousins.
Kellen, Parker, and Lita (or Dita, as Parker calls her).
Kellen, relaxing on the couch and watching some TV I think.
Parker examining one of his Easter Ovals.
Claire and Shawn had an appointment to go to in the morning so we got to babysit Kellen!  We fed him lots of chocolate, pop, and chips, and also watched The Exorcist.  And we read some books.
Parker was really into hugging Kellen all day!  Kellen wasn't very interested in hugging back, but it was still pretty cute to watch.
Mommy and Parker reading an exciting Dora book.
Kellen having a snack.  He doesn't like my camera very much!  Every time I'd fire off a few frames he'd get weirded out by it and try to run away.
Sometimes Parker will walk along and then just lay on the floor and say, "Night night!"  It usually doesn't last for very long, though, because he's pretty busy and doesn't sit still very much.  
Phil explaining some concepts of macro-economics to Parker.
Lita, Shawn, Claire, Levi, Parker, April, and Kennedy!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Since Parker doesn't really know anything about Easter, or Easter Eggs, or the Easter Bunny, we thought it might be fun to just put some eggs out around the house to see if he could figure out that he was supposed to collect them.  Since he didn't know they were Easter Eggs, he called them ovals (he's really into shapes) -- so we had an Oval Hunt instead of an Easter Egg Hunt.  Here he is finding a few on the couch!
"Oooovaaaaal!  Where aaaaare yoooooou?"
"HI OVAL!!!!!!!"
And after the hunt, we had an awesome breakfast of star-shaped pancakes and strawberries!  Mmmmmm!
Here are some videos of Parker on his Oval Hunt!  We had them upstairs....
And downstairs as well for maximum ovals.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Video Overload

He's actually singing the Wonder Pets theme here, but you can't really tell.
Parker loves to drive his cars along the back of the couch for some reason.
Eating some chocolate!  
Taking his shoes off all by himself!  I like how he almost breaks his foot off by not undoing the strap.
Riding in the Nana & Papa wagon on the way to the park!
Swings!!!  Weeeeeeee!

Old Videos (Babooooons!)

I just copied the point-and-shoot card to my hard drive and found a bunch of old videos that I thought I'd post!  Here's one from before Connor and Kellen's birthday weekend, where Parker is playing with their birthday baboons.
And here's one of Parker playing with the name puzzle that he got from Nana and Papa for Christmas (and then being mildly distracted by a baboon).

And here's one of Parker playing with the baboon he got from Kellen.  Baboon overload!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

zomg it's springtime!!!111eleven

Hooray!  It's nice again!  After Batman was finished playing Wonderpets on the farm, we got changed, went outside, and enjoyed the nice weather!  

We picked up some sidewalk chalk when we bought the basketball net and car, so here's Parker showing off his Picasso skills on our driveway.  I'd say he's mostly influenced by the short-lived Fauvism movement, with elements of abstract expressionism mixed in.  He likes chalk.

The results of some of our drawing.  I did the happy face; Parker did the laser beams shooting from his eye.

Taking his vehicle for a test down the driveway!  It rides way better on cement than it does on our carpet.  He's also clutching a piece of chalk, in case he needs to do any emergency drawing while on his drive.
We went to the park to play for a bit (where we met a really nice woman from town with her two kids!) but I didn't bring my big camera.  Instead, I brough the point-and-shoot and we have some pretty funny videos that I'll post later.  Instead, here's Parker eating a peanut butter sammich.  Enjoy.
And here he is eating some watermelon all the way from Honduras!  He likes to call it "memon".