Sunday, August 19, 2007

Turner & Hooch....& Parker?

If anyone has TBS, they probably know about "Turner & Hooch". Even if Tom Hanks wants the world to forget about it, TBS just won't let us -- they seem to show it every few weekends when they aren't busy showing a Steven Segal classic. I bring it up because, much like Hooch, Parker has been drooling a lot lately. He hasn't solved any crimes (yet), but we're pretty sure his teeth are coming in. If they're anything like mine, he'll need braces so hopefully he has April's teeth!
(I especially like how surly Tom Hanks is in that poster)


Anonymous said...

"Steven Segal classic" -- something about that runs shivers up and down my spine!

Garrett Elliott said...

But just look at these epic titles!

Prince of Pistols
Flight of Fury
Mercenary for Justice
Today You Die
Belly of the Beast
Out For a Kill
Half Past Dead
Fire Down Below
On Deadly Ground
Out For Justice
Marked For Death
Hard To Kill
Above the Law