Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting Nicer Out?

Okay, so it's not spring time yet, but it's definitely getting a bit warmer out. It's hard to tell from Parker's hat and mittens that it was a reasonable temperature, but it was still kind of windy. Here we are checking out a different park in Amherstview just to mix it up a bit.
Parker looooves climbing the stairs.
He also loooooves bridges.

Looking coy while riding a gigantic elephant.

Looking terrified while riding a whale.
Parker turn the wheel, turn the wheel Parker....
Parker also loooooves airplanes. And he has super radar to spot them, as well.
Although I guess this one wasn't THAT hard to spot....
Down the slide! Weeeeeeeee!

C'mon, sun! Melt, snow, melt!

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