Monday, October 29, 2007


Parker ate his first solid foods today! We picked up a high-chair recently, so he was hanging out in the kitchen being all cute, and we decided it would be cool to see if he'd eat solids or not. April picked up some rice cereal at the grocery store and it was a huge success. April was saying that a lot of books and forums say babies don't like to eat solids at first, but Parker took to it right away. He didn't even make much of a mess, which was a nice by-product of his successful grown-up-style eating. It was kind of funny, though, after the first few spoonfuls because he seemed to get impatient when April would have to reload for more. I guess that's a sign that he liked what he was eating! Personally, I thought it looked like the bowls of single celled proteins combined with synthetic aminos, vitamins, and minerals in The Matrix, but maybe to Parker it tasted like Tasty Wheat. Oh, he also ate a little biscuit thing called a "Mum mum". Anyways, here are the photos, complete with baby-thought captions:

"I love Nikon cameras! And also solid foods."

"This is.......different."

"I'm trying to eat and you're all up in my business!"

"I could get used to this spoon thing."

"Eating is good."


scott said...

haha! everything the body needs. :B

the mum mum looks like a pringle! it also appears that when he puts it in his mouth, the Matrix is telling his brain that it is juicy and delicious.

naomiclaire said...

lol.. parker is adorable... you should probably stop putting words in his mouth about nikon cameras and let him establish his OWN opinion... :)

Garrett Elliott said...

Scott: Haha! He wants back in the Matrix?!? :O

Naomi: Parker is very excited for the new D3. :)

Claire said...

He looks like he is enjoying his food! Again....too cute!

Give Parker a big kiss and hug for me!

Abuelita said...

I can't believe he's eating solids already! Growing up too fast for me...