Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Adventures at the Mall

Today Parker and I went Christmas shopping for Mommy, so she had the house all to herself for a few hours. Parker picked out some pretty cool gifts for her, so I think she'll be happy. It's funny hanging out with a baby at the mall -- as we wandered around, I noticed a lot of other babies but they were all with their moms! I was the lone father daring to elbow my way through throngs of weary Christmas shoppers. Luckily Parker is pretty much the best baby ever, and he was happy and cheerful the whole time. It's funny how social he is: when ever someone would go, "AWWW LOOK AT THE BABY!!!!" he'd light up and give them a huge smile. Parker totally knows how to work it.

On another note, Parker recommends Radiohead's new album In Rainbows. When ever I listen to it in the car with him he goes right to sleep. A true sign of a killer album.

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