Friday, December 14, 2007

Parker On The Train

Here's a photo of Parker on his first train ride ever when we went to Dresden for an early Christmas! We thought we'd try the train because it would give Parker a chance to hang out and relax and not be strapped into a car seat the full time. It turned out to be really convenient and easy! Parker was able to sit in his car seat and look out the window or hang out with mommy and daddy and play. We would definitely recommend that anyone going on a long trip with a baby consider the train. It's a bit more expensive but way more convenient.


Abuelita said...

I'm so glad Parker enjoyed his ride on the train. I figured he would love looking out the window. He seems to love looking out windows! He looks so happy!

Claire said...

Parker looks like he loves riding the train! He must of been a hit with all the ladies on the train with that beautiful smile! Can't wait to see him at Christmas....give him a kiss and hug for me!

Garrett Elliott said...

Haha, well, I don't know if he was a hit with the ladies on the train, but he was a hit with his great-grandma's friends! We took him uptown to the coffee shop where they meet every day so they could see him and he put on a pretty cute show.