Monday, October 6, 2008

Followers And Photos

So I just discovered a new feature on Blogger that allows you to "follow" blogs!  So if you're a fan of Parker's Adventures and want to show off, feel free to click the "follow" button in the top left corner!  Or say hi in the comments!  Hi Laura!  On to the photos!

Parker hanging out in his cool-guy shirt.  We're getting hair cuts this Thursday so his hair won't be as crazy.
Parker and Mommy reading a book!  Parker loves books, but I think he loves Mommy more.
It's hard to tell from the photo, but that blurry image on the page Parker is turning is Humpty Dumpty.  He's reading Mother Goose rhymes.  Back in the day he thought us saying Humpty Dumpty was pretty funny but now he's moved on to more sophisticated humour, like armpit tickling and silly dances.
The magic of balloons!  My clever framing cut the marketing material off the balloon.  Ha!  Take that, balloon marketing team!
Parker's favourite new past-time is to stack his MEGA BLOCKS!!!111eleven He has always enjoyed sticking them together and pulling them apart, but it was like a lightbulb went off the other morning and he realized he could stack them vertically in different patterns.  He probably spent about 20 minutes stacking, knocking them over, and re-stacking them.  And he actually has a pretty good eye for colour patterns, oftentimes gathering all the green ones and sticking them together, then moving on to purple, and so on.  
Here you can see how he stacked a bunch of orange ones next to each other, then some purple, and now he's working on some yellow.  He had some pretty nice patterns going on.  Genius?  Mayhaps.....
Not that there's any pressure or anything to be an artist.............

Climbing the stairs!


Claire said...

YEAH!!! I am so excited to see more pictures of Parker!! I think you have a young artist on your hands...great block towers!!

Abuelita said...

Can't wait to see him on Sunday! Turkey and mashed potatoes...yum, yum!

Garrett Elliott said...

Mmmm... he loooooves turkey and mashed potatoes! And corn!