Friday, October 10, 2008

New Sweater Jacket And Yummy Croissant

Here's Parker wearing one of his Christmas presents last year from cousin Caroline -- an awesome sweater jacket!  I think he's ready for the GQ cover.

Parker loves croissants (so does Daddy!), although I call them bread for him.  Here he is all bundled up for a walk the other day, complete with bread in hand.  When ever I say, "Share with Daddy?" he goes, "Yeaaahhh!!!!" and holds it up so I can take a bite.  Best toddler ever.


Claire said... cute!!! He is just sooo adorable...I can't wait to see him this weekend! What a good little boy, sharing with his daddy!

Andrea said...

Parker has the coolest knitted wardrobe!! Love that sweater...deffinitely ready for his GQ closeup.

You are following my blog! Sorry I am so lame and haven't posted in so long! I'll add yours too!!

Garrett Elliott said...

Claire: As long as he shares his croissants and not his broccoli and peas I'm totally cool with that.

Andrea: Parker is the knit master! He has lots of hats and some mittens and a scarf that my mom made, and now he has the sweater jacket thing and a few other fine items for his wardrobe.

Claire said...'s time to update Parker's blog...I need my Parker Bear fix!!!

Jenn said...

that is a cute baby!