Sunday, December 6, 2009

Light Up The Season + Santa

Today was Amherstview's annual Light Up The Season event, so we brought Parker to meet Santa! We've been talking about Santa for the last few weeks, so he kind of knows what's going on I think. He gets pretty excited about Christmas lights and snowmen. Here he is waiting patiently in line:
"Hi Daddy!"
Meeting Santa and whispering hi to him.

When you ask Parker what he wants Santa to bring for him, he answers, "An orange." Santa thought that was nice.


Abuelita said...

Parker's inocence comes through in all those pictures - so tender and trusting. Beautiful.

Abuelita said...

When I was in Kingston on Tuesday and Parker and I went 'shopping', I asked him what he had asked Santa to bring him for Christmas and he said 'an orange'. He remembered! He better get an orange in his stocking this year!

Claire said...

Parker looks so sweet sitting with Santa...I can't wait to see him over the holidays!