Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas! Hooray!

Merry Christmas! We had a busy few weeks of traveling and Christmases so there haven't been many updates, but here's one from our Christmas after we arrived home! I have more videos and photos from our little point and shoot camera that I brought to Brockville and Dresden, so I'll make a separate post to go through those as well.

The one thing Parker said he wanted from Santa was an orange, so when he woke up there was a little trail of clementines leading from his bedroom, down the stairs, and into the main room where the tree and presents were. Here he is making a pit stop at the oranges.
Mmmmm... citrusy....
Counting the orange pieces.
He loved reaching into his stocking.
Thomas trains! Hooray!

New underpants! Hooray!
Parker's big present was a kitchen play set and we put it together the night before so it would be ready to go! But we weren't really sure how to wrap it so we just threw a big sheet over it with a note from Santa. I don't think Parker even noticed it was sitting there!
Here comes Percy!
We finally took the sheet off and yelled, "Surprise! It's a kitchen!" so now when ever Parker see it he goes, "Surprise kitchen!" Here he is checking out what's in the cupboards.
Cooking some broccoli on the stove.

The kitchen even has a little light that he can turn on and off, which he thoroughly enjoys.
Calling Papa on the phone.

Parker got a train set from Lita and Grandpa and a train table from Nana and Papa! So we put them together the night before and brought him down to check it out.
"Under the bridge! Around the corner! Here comes Thomas and James!"


me said...

it's so wonderful to see there reactions!

Claire said...

I love the pictures from Christmas! Parker looks like he just loves his presents (and is starting to understand Christmas!)....I wonder what's new with Parker these days....he must be old enough to be shaving as it has been SO LONG since you posted new pictures!!! We miss Parker pictures!!!

Abuelita said...

It's time for new photos Garrett...

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