Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Videos!

Here are some videos from Christmas! Here's Parker reading a "Monkey George" book on the train. Happy birthday, Monkey George!
And here's Parker and Mommy looking out the window and watching a train go by. It looks like Mommy could use a nap. :D
Parker is really into trains and train tracks and the red lights that blink when a train goes by. So while we were driving past every intersection he made sure to point out that the red lights were down.
It's funny how your kids reveal what kind of language you use a lot while you talk to them. Parker is having problems opening one of his presents so he decides to go get a, "fresh one". Maybe a penguin one.

Testing out the new cookie set.
Here's Parker helping himself to one of Mason's toys.
Hugs for Connor. Don't push him off the bed! :\

Parker's big present from us was a play kitchen that he thought was pretty cool! We actually had it covered with a sheet and left it as the last thing for him to "open". I don't think he even realized it was there until we said, "Hey, what's THIS?!?!?!" and pulled of the sheet.

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