Sunday, July 4, 2010


Parker is getting really good with his letters, sounds, and words!  He's able to figure out what letter words start with by sounding it out (even words that he's never heard before), as long as it's not a a tricky one starting with ch, sh, or silent letters.  The other day while we were eating lunch I said, "Hey Parker, I have a question for you..." (because that always seems to get his attention).  "What does TERMINATOR start with?" and he thought about it for a second and said, "Tuh.....tuh....  T!!!!!"  He also read his first word the other night by sounding it out:  kitty!  We've never really practiced with it before, so it's pretty much a new word to him.  April asked him to sound it out and he did!  Suuuupah genius!

He has also mastered syllables!  If you ask him how many syllables are in a word, he'll clap it out for you.  Good times!

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Abuelita said...

Introducing the Amazing Parker! Isn't he smart? I'm amazed at how much Parker and Kellen (3 and 2 year olds) absorb and retain. Amazing!