Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

For Canada Day, we went to Bath to check out their Canada Day festivities!  Scott, Gemma, and Milo came as well, so we were able to have a nice picnic lunch and enjoy the surprisingly cool weather!  Here are some photos with random narration.
Does Parker look excited for the parade or what?

The weather was perfect!  Not too hot, not too cool, with a bit of breeze.  Last year it was about 10 million degrees.
Gemma and Milo enjoying some lunch and some laughs.
Interrupting Parker's peanut butter and jam sandwich for a photo.  I didn't even think about wearing red even though Gemma mentioned it on the phone before we left!  Woops.
Milo being cute.
Parker and Mommy being cute together.
Family photo!  Apparently the Elliotts celebrate blue Canada day.

Milo laughing at Scott.
Family photo!
Parker giving Milo a little kiss.
And a hug.
And chasing him like a zombie to eat his brains.
Hey Milo, isn't this normally your nap time?

Scott showed Parker how he can magically pull things out from behind his ear (vegetables, hats, you name it) and now Parker likes to pretend he's doing it too.  "There's something behind your ear!"
"What's that behind your ear?"
Parker was very concerned that Milo was tired and wanted to make sure he was comfy and able to nap.
Flag boy.
Unfortunately the loud horns on the fire trucks scared Parker!  He thought they were too loud and had to go further away to enjoy the parade, so he went with Mommy to have some hugs.  Here's a loud firetruck, though.

Milo was a trooper!  I think the gigantic trucks kept him awake.
Soldier guys who fired guns every now and then.

Bagpipes and drums!

You can never have enough bagpipes and drums.
Gemma's friend Tori on the float.

No parade is complete without a creepy clown.
Parker and Gemma!
Happy Canada Day!

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Abuelita said...

What a nice town Bath is. We passed by on our way back from Prince Edward County and the market was open that morning. Great little place and looks like a lot of fun at their Canada Day celebrations. Great family photos!