Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random Stuff

So far Parker seems to be enjoying nursery school!  It's so weird asking him to tell us about his day and listening to the things he did.  His go-to line after, "What did you do at school today?" is always, "Played with the big red bridge!"  But after a bit more prying, he'll tell you more, like what he had for a snack and who read a book to them that day.  He also likes to play a computer game where you use the mouse to pop bubbles containing letters, which eventually spell words.  Here he is sporting his "bear hat" that he made last Thursday.
And here he is reluctantly posing for a portrait. 
 And here he is playing with his Chirpy clock (thanks Auntie Claire) and trying to tell time.


Abuelita said...

Parker, I love that Teddy Bear Hat!

Kristyne said...

Haha. I have a similar picture of Gabriel in his bear crown on his blog! Glad Parker's enjoying nursery school.