Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apple Picking!

Last year we went apple picking at Wynn's near Sandhurst (or Bath?) so we thought we'd check it out again this year.  Parker seemed to enjoy it and April made some yummy apple foods with them, and we fed the rest to some horses and goats, which Parker also enjoyed.  Here's the orchard:
Here's Lauren sleeping through it.
Parker was pretty psyched to see they had pumpkins, too.
Pre-apple-picking family photo!  Thanks, girl-from-Wynn's!
Parker and Mommy (and Lauren!) off to find some apples.
Sleepy little girl.

He looks grumpy, but he's actually just in mid-chew.  

Om nom nom nom!

They gave him his own little basket to pick apples.
They still have a million zillion apples left if anyone in the area is looking to go apple picking!


Abuelita said...

Hey,Parker, did you get any apples in that basket? Love the photos and I love the family photos. It's great to see how the Elliott family has grown. Loved seeing you yesterday, Parker and Lauren!

Kristyne said...

We still need to go apple picking this year. Maybe we'll check that orchard out. What types of apples did you pick? Looks like everyone had a good time, especially Parker munching on that apple!