Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nursery School & Swimming Setbacks!

Although nursery school started out without any problems, the last two trips have been a lot worse.  Parker has been REALLY sad when I try to drop him off and last Thursday they actually called us at home to come and see him because he was so miserable!  So yesterday I sat in the back of the class while he played, and I'm going to do the same thing tomorrow.  Hopefully if I do this a few times, he'll gradually see that it's okay and won't have a meltdown when I go to leave.  The strange thing is that he was never a crier, even as a little baby, and now he cries all the time.  Well, not all the time, but to go from nothing to something is kind of an adjustment for everyone, so it's been an interesting process so far.  He also really seems to hate swimming lessons (he's supposed to go in the pool by himself while we watch from the side) but so far it's been mostly him screaming that he doesn't want to go in the pool and us trying to keep him calm.  Maybe the new baby is affecting him more than we initially thought?


Kristyne said...

I hope things settle down in Parker's world so that he can once again begin to enjoy the activities he did. He seemed much better yesterday, and when asked says he had a great time at nursery school. Hopefully your presence for a bit is the reassurance he needs to settle back in. It's tough, though!

Abuelita said...

I remember when I came home with April - one month short of Claire's 3rd. birthday. Claire had not worn a diaper for over a year and she started to wet her undies when her baby sister arrived. I started reserving Saturday mornings for her only - we took off for the morning to do whatever and wherever. She liked that and perhaps it's all she wanted.