Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Here are some photos from our impromptu trip to Dresden for Thanksgiving!
We had to make a few stops so Parker could go to the washroom and April could feed Lauren.  Here's Parker wandering around during one of our stops (I have no idea where we were).
 Nana and Lauren, hanging out.
 Checking on the herbs.

 In her favourite pose, propped up in the corner of a couch!

 Smiling at Nana!
 Parker loves babies.  He always tries so hard to interact with them and make sure everyone is happy.  Here he is checking on his little cousin, Mason.

 Percy making a delivery under a foot stool.

 Parker pushing the shutter button himself.
 Playing a crazy-addictive fishing game with cousin Brenna!
 Checking out Mason's dinosaur.
 Maria, Brenna, and baby Lauren!  They kind of have matching hair.
 Great grandma and Lauren, hanging out.
 Smiles for Great Grandma!
Brenna, taking a break from playing with toddlers, and she still looks pretty happy!

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Abuelita said...

Looks like so much fun - nothing like family get-togethers. Lovely to see Lauren smiling at Grandma and Great Grandma. She's getting so big and Parker is such a fabulous big brother.