Thursday, May 24, 2007

8 Days Old!

It's hard to believe Parker is already 8 days old! Time is definitely flying by, but it helps when we've had a lot of visitors and appointments. Thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to call or email or leave comments to say congratulations!

Now that Parker is an old, wily veteran at this "life" thing, it looks as though he's getting comfortable. Just the other day we were saying that we thought he was getting a bit bigger, and it kind of looks like it from this photo:

He's almost back up to his birth weight! Hopefully he doesn't feed April to the Rancor.

Here's a new photo of his wireless foot and blanket (knit -- or is it knitted? -- by Grandma E):

And here's a non-Jabba photo of Parker, bundled up in his car seat, ready for a ride down town:


Anonymous said...

Oh wow... in that last photo you can see that he really looks like you, Garrett.

macmorphet said...

Congrats April and Garrett!!! He is beautiful! Cameron can't wait till he's ready for some playdates!