Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Day Down!

We survived our first FULL day with Parker in the house! I'm sure I'm jinxing us by saying this, but it was a little easier than I thought it would be. Hopefully it stays like this but every parent ever tells me it won't. In fact, they made sure to tell me over and over again while April was pregnant, while we were at the doctor getting checkups, while we were at the grocery store buying groceries, while we were at the hospital giving birth, and while we were just packing up to take him home. Here's a photo essay of what April, Parker and I did today!

It's hard to see but he has little Wolverine snikt marks on his face in the last photo from his crazy adamantium claws. I tried to cut them earlier tonight but it's really hard, partly because they're so tiny and cute, and partly because they're adamantium and they just wouldn't cut and I got scared.

And this might be the best photo ever (for now):


Anonymous said...

That is one cute baby.

Anonymous said...

I can already see what great parents you two are!!! What a lucky baby you are Parker.