Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Adventures in Dresden

Here are some photos of Parker relaxing in Dresden at my parents' place:

Relaxing in his chair with a stained glass window (that my grandpa made) behind him.
Looking all cautious and stuff.

April holding him with my mom in the background on their couch.

Hanging out with my dad.

Daddy looks funny and prompts much laughing and smiling.

Sleeping in daddy's old "sleeping box" (I guess it might also be called a basonnette). But it looks like a box. A box with a baby in it.


AmaBear said...

Hand-me-down baby stuff is so awesome. I have a pic of Ally in a baskenett that my grandmother was a baby in. It's pretty crazy. Parker looks like he's gaining weight and becoming way more aware. It's all so fun. I so miss when Ally was that little and helpless. :)

Anonymous said...

I miss him soooo much! It was so much fun having Parker here with us for a whole day and night. Can't wait to see him again soon, and I hope that's soon! Nanna D.