Monday, July 2, 2007

Parker Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost

April and I took Parker to see his first movie ever on Thursday night -- Ghostbusters! Not a bad first movie if I do say so myself (I've busted a few ghosts in my day). Every Thursday night this summer, they city of Kingston will be showing a movie at Market Square -- all you have to do is bring your chair and some snacks and you're good to go. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday evening, especially when Parker is really easy to travel with. It was cool to see so many people downtown enjoying the weather and experiencing a bit of the city! This week is Casablanca. Parker will be kicking it, old skool cinema stylez.


Garrett Elliott said...

It just occurred to me -- the Ghostbusters theme was written by Ray PARKER Jr. omg it was meant to be!!!111oneone

Anonymous said...

OMG, u r teh kewl.