Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sitting, Swimming, Being Happy.... The Usual

Here's a back-log of Parker Bear photos! I'm trying to think if there are any interesting baby stories to write about... umm... we taught him how to pull himself up! When he's sitting on his bum, if you put your hands out in front of him he'll grab them and pull himself up so that he's standing. The first time he did it he was super psyched, and he pretty much Hulked out, flexing and posing and growling. The only thing he didn't do was rip his shirt off and hold his hand to his ear, egging on the crowd. He seems to be enjoying his swimming lessons, and this week he went under water for the first time ever. It didn't both him that much, which was surprising, because if it was me I would have freaked out. He's also getting a lot better at feeding himself: we give him a little pile of Cheerios and 8% of them make it into his mouth successfully! He also feeds himself Mum Mum crackers, which we call cookies. He's going to think "cookies" are bland, rice-filled biscuits. Sweet.


Claire said...

Okay...honestly, Parker really does get cuter by the day! He is so adorable in the pool! Garrett...glad to see you in there with him!
Can't wait to see him soon!

Garrett Elliott said...

It's true! He gets cuter all the time! I was talking to my parents tonight and they said the photos in this post make him look like a little boy instead of a little baby. It might have been the lighting, because in the new ones of him eating from that mush-thing, he looks kind of like a baby again. :)