Monday, January 7, 2008

Swimming Class!

Today was Parker's first day of swimming class! We weren't really sure what to expect but it's more like splash-around-in-the-pool class. It's also pretty funny to see all the parents with their babies (all of which didn't seem to be scared or upset at all). I didn't want to take my camera because I didn't want to be the creepy old guy taking photos during the baby swim class (and I also didn't want it to get soaked) but it turns out I totally could have brought it and it would have been fine. So although there aren't any photos of Parker splashing around today, we'll get some next week. In the meantime, here are some pre-swim and post-swim photos.

These are Parker's swimming diapers. That way, when you take him out of the pool, his pants don't weigh 3000 pounds.

If you look closely you can see his two little toofies sticking out from the bottom. That's right. I said toofies.

Parker sporting one of his new jackets from Christmas! It was crazy warm out today and all of our snow is melting.

It's funny what makes babies crack up. The other day April was sweeping the kitchen floor and she was narrating as she went along, going, "Sweep... sweep... sweep... sweep..." and then she saw a cookie for him on the counter and she went, "Cookie!" Now when ever we want to make him giggle we just say, "sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep COOKIE!"
I don't remember what he was eating... I think it was a combination of meats and vegetables (hence the look on his face)

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Claire said...

Parker looks so cute in his swimming diapers and his "after the workout" outfit!! I can't wait to hear about his swimming lessons! Give Parker a big kiss and hug for me!