Friday, January 25, 2008

Avocado Adventures

April had read that avocados were full of "good fat" for babies' brains, so she picked some up at the grocery store the other day. Here are some photos of the Bear eating it for the first time (his brain seemed to really like it) and smearing it all over himself for the first time (his clothes seemed to really like it, too).

You can really see his little teeth in this photo.


Claire said...

Wow...was Parker feeding himself?!?! What a mess! He continues to look so adorable and seems to be growing up so quickly!

naomiclaire said...

i LOOOOOOVE avacado. im serious. i could live on the stuff. its good for my brain too. thats what i keep telling myself anyways :)

Garrett Elliott said...

Parker loves it, too! If you guys ever want to hang out and eat avocado, I'm sure he'd be down with that.