Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Dresden Photos

On our way home from Dresden, we stopped in Toronto at Claire's place to visit Kellen and drop off their anniversary present!

That one guy, totally hamming it up for the camera.

Mmmmm... fingers....

Kellen is all like, "I will fight you with knives!"

Awwwwww! Group hug.

Parker wearing his metrosexual UV-protected hat. He's still not sure if that look is in for this season.


Parker and Papa!

My parents took Parker over to my Aunt Nancy's place and she has a bunch of cats, and apparently Parker was running around trying to hug them and touch them and pet them (and probably name them George). And he also learned how to say kitty for the first time ever! So he was walking around, going, "Ki-tty! Ki-tty!" Cutest little boy ever? Perhaps.


Claire said...

I love the pics of Parker and Kellen...ahh, so cute!
I also love that floating thing for the idea! Are you bringing it to the cottage?

Garrett Elliott said...

Nope, the chair stays at my parents' place (it's theirs, not ours).

The Ross Family said...

I like the hat...metro is great!! Very important to be comfortable with your sexuality!! LOL

Claire said...

I always crack up with the "OMG..who is watching the baby!"...too funny!