Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Walkity Walk Walk Walk

Here are some random photos of Parker walking around! Because he can walk now, you know.

And these are the infamous blocks that he throws down the stairs.

Here he is goofing around under the table. He used to be small enough to stand under the table without hitting his head, but now he has to duck!

Parker loves remote controls, especially this one for the radio. When ever he gets it, he's always super happy, like he won a prize or something. And then when he gets it, he doesn't even really press the buttons or anything -- he mostly just tries to throw it down the stairs.

"I've got the remote and you can't stop me!"

And here he is brushing his teeth in the bathtub! Yay for oral hygiene!

And another new word that Parker has is JUICE! When ever we're drinking something from a glass, he assumes it's apple juice and he'll point and go, "JUICE!!!!!" He also points at all the clocks and says, "CLOCK!!!!" Must have been all of that practice saying cock that's finally paying off!


Claire said...

YEAH!!!! I love these pics! I can't get over that crazy, curly hair! And, I can't believe he brushes his teeth!!!!!

Garrett Elliott said...

I have an awesome photo of him reading a book that I took a few days ago where his hair is insane! I'll have to post it one of these days.... :)

Andrea said...

I love how Parker is always in jammies!! Too cute. And look at him walking! He's a toddler now.

The Ross Family said...

very cute pictures!! gotta love those costco sleepers...:)

Garrett Elliott said...

Danielle: Yeah! Parker LIVES in CostCo sleepers! One day we'll dress him in real clothes, but for now, the sleeper is his official baby uniform.