Thursday, July 3, 2008

Canada Day And Other Shenanigans (Like Adult Food!)

Here's a sequence of Parker eating a giant slice of watermelon. Mmmmm...

And here's Parker at the Canada Day parade in Bath sporting his hat and a fresh coating of sunscreen.

One of our favourite phrases: "Hat stays on!"

Guns are loud and scary for babies!

Bagpipes are loud and scary for babies!

Parker is a walking machine! It must be the Diego Crocs.

Parker and Mommy relaxing in the shade.

We ran into the Fukalas and Anderson took a minute to play with Parker (although Parker isn't that great at playing with other little boys yet.....but soon!)

And here's Parker having one of his first big grown-up meals! Spaghetti and meatballs! Yum yum!

Post-spaghetti and meatballs! Parker looks pleased. Pleased, indeed.

Time for a haircut?


Anonymous said...

No way.... No haircut until he's 3 maybe 4. Those little red curls are too oooo... cute !! : )

Claire said...

I love his curls..don't cut them! Although, he does have the hippy look going on now! I love the pics of him eating watermelon and spagetti (and the mess afterward!!) the way..nice shorts Parker!

Andrea said...

"Hat stays on!" has got to be one of our most used phrases too. I wish I could find some way to staple it to his head without actually using staples.

How cute is Parker with the watermelon! What a face on him. He is too cute.

Garrett Elliott said...

Yes! The hair must be cut!

Anonymous said...

Off with his hair! Let him eat cake.

Garrett Elliott said...

But he doesn't like cake...!