Sunday, August 31, 2008

Parker Vs. The Hose

Yesterday April and I spent the afternoon tidying the house. We cleaned out our garage (which was full of junk) and tidied up the lawn a bit. In the process, Parker found the hose. Here are some photos of him soaking himself and anyone who dared to get close enough to him to try to stop him.


Claire said...

Oh, that is too cute! I love his facial expressions when the water is hitting his face! He makes a great lawn-boy!

Elaine Forbes said...

Those pics really capture the moment - hilarious & adorable! Great job catching the rainbow in the mist.

Garrett Elliott said...

Claire: Yeah! I think I'll start making him cut the lawn next week now that he's mastered watering it.

Elaine: Thanks! When we tried to bring him inside he was actually really sad! He looooves the water!

Abuelita said...

We showed Parker's blog to his great-grandparents and they were so happy to see such a beautiful little boy, really growing up so fast. Looking at Parker, one knows you two must be doing something right to make him such a happy and easy going little boy. Gotta love him!