Friday, August 22, 2008

First Haircut Ever!

So after 15 months we (read: April) finally caved and took Parker for his first haircut at Shirley's Family Hair Care down the street from our house. We've been going there since we moved into the neighbourhood, partly because it's only a minute away and also because they're super nice. We like nice people. So we took Parker down this afternoon at 4:30 and had his messy curly hair trimmed up. As usual, here are 10 million photos!


Still not quite sure.....

Haha! The look on his face is funny. He was really good, just hanging out and looking around! We made sure to bring a few distractions for him, but thankfully he's the best baby ever.

Shirley was awesome with Parker, too, which really helped! She's super patient, and very soft-spoken and kind. You can't tell from the way Parker is staring into her soul in this photo, but I think he liked her.

Hair is getting shorter!

No more messy curls! This will especially help when he rubs mashed potatoes in his hair.

"A haircut? What, me worry?"

Nothing better than getting a haircut and offering Daddy a cookie to snack on.

Snippity snip (and chewity chew on the finger).

And here he is, post-haircut! It looks a bit weird in this photo because it's still sort of wet and flat and combed over, but it looks a lot different. I'll take some new photos tomorrow when he wakes up so you can see the full effect. No more wispy curly things at the back and sides! And Shirley said this will help his hair grow thicker, too, which is always a good thing.


Andrea said...

It looks like Parker was such a good boy for his haircut!! He looks so cute!! I love the shrugging the shoulders photo...LOL!

Claire said...

What a good little boy! Parker really looks like a toddler now...ahh, he is growing up so quickly! Where did he learn to do that shoulder shrug!??!? It's is so funny!

Claire said...

Parker fans are getting very anxious waiting for new photos...WE WANT MORE PARKER PICTURES!!!

Paul Hopson said...

Very Clark Kent haha!

Garrett Elliott said...

Intrepid reporter by day, crime fighter by night!