Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back To The Future.....I Mean Cottage

Here are some more photos from a day trip we took to the cottage near Sharbot Lake. After our week there, Claire, Shawn and Kellen went for a visit so we stopped in to say hello. Here are some photos!

WARNING: There might be a naked baby coming up. I'm just saying.

Parker loves it when grandpa plays the harmonica. Especially the fast songs so he can do a little jig. Because you can't have harmonica without a jig.

Parker was really gentle with Kellen. I think he loves babies.

Shawn and Kellen enjoying some quiet time at the cottage.

Claire and Kellen also enjoying some quiet time at the cottage (although it looks like Claire's enjoying it more than Kellen).

Kellen practicing his Superman take off.

Kellen looks just like Shawn!

Naked baby alert! Here's Parker playing with his car and being hosed down after roaming the sandy beach. Luckily he didn't seem to mind that the hose-water was subarctic.


Abuelita said...

I have the two most beautiful, wonderful grandsons in the whole wide world. There! Now everybody knows.

Claire said...

YEAH!!! I love the pictures! Kellen and Parker look so cute and happy together! I love the picture of Kellen where you think he looks like Shawn...he's so cute! And Parker does a great job at being discreet while being naked in the great outdoors!