Monday, January 12, 2009

A Few Brockville Christmas Photos

Here are a few photos from Christmas in Brockville:

Parker eagerly awaiting his presents.

Once we showed him how to rip the paper open he kind of got the hang of it.
A book! Yesssss!


Pointing at Kellen and saying, "Baby!" to let us know there was a baby in the room.

Inspecting the baby a bit closer.

Cousin Kellen!

Climbing stairs for the first time ever?


Claire said...

YEAH!!! I love the pictures! Parker looks so excited about the presents! I love how curious Parker is when he is looking at Kellen....but we really need to get Kellen smiling for your camera!
BTW: I LOVE the picture of Kellen climbing the stairs...ahhh!

Abuelita said...

Is that really our house with all those presents under the tree??? Oh, my God! Next year, one present each! Love the photos; Parker is always looking so happy and curious about things and people, like his cousin Kellen.

abuelita said...

I forgot to mention how I love Parker's curls - aren't they beautiful?