Sunday, January 25, 2009

Visiting Dresden

Parker and I made a brief visit to Dresden this week while I went to a basketball game in Detroit, so here are some photos of him hanging around Nana and Papa's house.

Trying to put my boots on, which he does quite often. When he finally gets both feet into them, he just sort of stands there and wiggles around a bit, then says, "Help!" so I can pull him out. Then he tries to stand in them again.

Sporting his new sweater from Great Grandma and also pushing a toy vacuum around! He has a crazy obsession with vacuums, so this toy was a huge hit. We tell him our vacuum is called Mr. Hoover, and for some reason in Parker-speak that translates into "Odo". So if he knows the vacuum is in a certain closet, he'll wait outside the door going, "Odo! Odo!" and then he's psyched when we actually get it out. We might just have the cleanest carpets in Amherstview.

Eating breakfast in his Prison Break pajamas! He is pleased that the fork will aid in transporting food from his plate to his mouth.

Mmmm..... grapes.... Fork be damned!

Drinking milk like it's the elixir of life.

Straws are fun!

Parker does a weird thing where he grabs his throat a lot. We thought he had tonsillitis or something, so we had him checked out at the doctor a few months ago. They said he had an ear infection and prescribed some Amoxicillin, and I assumed if there was anything wrong with his throat, the antibiotics would fix that as well. It's a few months later and he's still grabbing his throat randomly. We went back and had the doctor swab his throat for a test but it came back negative. Any ideas, anyone? Maybe it's just a weird habit?



scott said...

can you be sure that he has not taken vacuum form. perhapz parker knows. :B

Garrett Elliott said...

Haha! That's true. You never know what kind of shape-shifters are lurking in your closets......

Andrea said...

for some reason, the pic of him grabbing his throat makes me think of Marlon Brando in The Godfather!! He looks like he's scratching under his chin and mumbling, "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse..."

Garrett Elliott said...

Andrea: Hmm... Parker DOES wield a lot of power and control with his nap times and meal times and whatnot. Maybe you're on to something......