Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random Photos

Parker has been acting a bit strange lately, but we think it's because his brain is developing. He's been a bit huggy and clingy and his sleep wasn't the best last week, but his language skills have really taken off for some reason. We were at the doctor's office the other day and were waiting in a tiny room FOREVER, and Parker grabbed my hand and said, "Walk, Daddy!" and pulled me to the door. Then he said, "Door, Daddy! Hooooome, Daddy!" It was really surprising and super cute, but unfortunately we had to stay a bit longer. One of his other new words is Playtrium! Ha! Only it sounds like "Pay-trummmmm!" On to the photos:

Sorry, but this photo just makes me laugh.

Playing with a belt before bath time. He now knows how to say pants and belt! Yay!

I'm not sure why he was so giddy but he had a full running start from the doorway towards me while yelling, "YEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!"

Sporting a new haircut but it's already growing back!

We got this Spongebob thing at Swiss Chalet the other day and it's the best thing ever. It's a cube with different photos on it, and it folds and keeps folding into a million different photos and patterns without ever stopping. Parker played with it for about 15 minutes before he finally popped one of the boxes open so now it's a bit deformed but it's still pretty cool.

Getting ready to go get the mail in his little snowpants! For some reason he always thought my sunglasses were funny, but now he's starting to put them on his own face (after months of resisting) instead of mine. And for some reason he also puts them on his neck and holds them there thinking that's how they're supposed to go. When ever he does it he stands there holding them, as if to say, "What? What is it? Is something wrong with my sunglasses? Is there a smudge on the lens?" not realizing that he's wearing them completely incorrectly.

Making sure his zipper is done up tight while wearing his sunglasses on his neck. It's cold out!


Claire said...

Love the new pictures....Parker looks so old in the pictures, especially with his hair cut short. I love the picture of him on the toilet....nothing like a good book while sitting on the john!

Kristyne said...

Gabriel does the same thing with sunglasses. He wears them around his neck or on his head (not on his eyes, but on the top of his head) and sometimes he even wears them upside down! Oh the things they do that amuse us so!