Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Me!

It was my birthday the other day, so Parker took me to the Playtrium in the morning to celebrate!  Here's a photo journey of our day:

Getting strapped in!  Weeeee!
Smash through some barricades!  PARKER SMASH!
This is for the "Would You Let Your Child Play In A Ball Pit?" thread on BabyBells. I edited out the heroin needle, pile of puke, half-eaten turkey sandwich, and Amelia Earhart. C'mon, how can you say no to the ball pit after seeing that face?  :D
Exploring mysterious tunnels.
Saying hi through the plastic window bubble thing to everyone who walked in!
Crawling through tiny tunnels.  Oof.  Daddy's getting too old for this.  :D  Good thing you can get knee pads from the front desk!
More crazy tunnels and secret passageways!  Luckily his Christmas-socks with little grippers held up just fine.  
Piloting a helicopter with a resounding, "WHOA!"
Whoa.  This makes me dizzy.  I knew that if I needed to puke, though, I could just puke in the ball pit like everyone else.
This is Parker's favourite section in the whole structure -- it's a bunch of little pet-flap-type doors that he loves to run through. Knee pads are a definite bonus here because the floor is really hard and uncomfortable. It's much easier to have fun when your knees aren't bleeding.

"Should I jump?  I dunno...  it's kind of far...."
I asked another Dad who was there to take a photo of us being goofy in one of the round bubble window things. Parker didn't disappoint.

On our way home we stopped at the grocery store and bought one of those whole roasted chickens to share for lunch!  Mmmm... We loves our chicken.


Anonymous said...

Parker didn't disapoint....looks like Daddy didn't either. :) Happy Birthday !!

Claire said...

Happy Birthday Garrett! I love how much fun you and Parker have together!

Abuelita said...

Hi, Garrett, love the photos. I have Abuelito with me looking at all the photos and reading about your birthday. He loves the blog!

Garrett Elliott said...

Mysterious Anonymous Person: Haha, yeah, we always have a good time at the Playtrium!

Claire: Eh, we do okay. :)

Abuelita: Glad he likes the blog! :)

Julien's mommy said...

sounds like a fun way to celebrate your birthday!