Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Playing, Haircuts, Gears, Alphabet, And Pre-Swimming Giddiness

Parker's hair was getting super long again (it seems to grow pretty quickly, which I guess I'll take the blame for) so we thought we'd try out a new haircutting place to see how it went.  We took him to Tortoise & The Hair Kids Cuts which, coincidentally, is right next to The Playtrium.  We had never been there before but their store is really cool -- they have airplanes and cars and stuff for the kids to sit in, and lots of fun kid stuff every where.  We ALMOST bought some cool puzzles and stuff, but maybe next time.

Parker riding in a sweet pink convertible.
He's actually a pretty neat eater so he hasn't worn a bib in a looooong time.  The unfortunate by-product of his neatness is that he doesn't like to wear the haircutting capes.  So we went without for this cut.  Maybe we'll practice wearing capes and stuff around the house.
Getting his car ride on.  He had a TONNE of hair!  April and I were both pretty surprised when the haircut was finished because there was a massive pile on the floor.  
April and Parker on their way back home after checking the mail (one of his favourite activities).  He'll even walk to other peoples' mail boxes just so he can point at them and go, "MAIL!!!"  And even though I was really far away when I took this photo, I'm pretty sure Parker is going, "Bump BUMP!" as he steps over the curb.  He always announces when there are curbs to be stepped over or when there are bumps in the road as we drive by saying bump BUMP (with the emphasis on the second bump, naturally).
Walkie McWalkersons.
Playing with the alphabet letters on the fridge.  It's pretty cool because when you put a letter in the machine thing, it sings a little song about the letter and gives an example of what it sounds like.  So far Parker knows P really well, which makes for a good duet.
And here he is playing with the crazy gears he got for Christmas.  When you flip that switch, the main gear starts turning (you can make it go clockwise or counter-clockwise).  Then you start attaching the other gears to it so you can make crazy patterns.

Just before we left to go swimming in the afternoon, Parker was running around the hallway giving me hugs.  We do this weird thing where I say, "Little Beeeeeaaaaaaar....!" and then he giggles and runs to me and gives me a hug.

While we were playing I showed him how to fill up the car with gas!  Ha!  He drives the little car over to the pump and goes, "Gulp gulp gulp gulp!"  


Claire said...

Parker Bear is just so darn cute! I like the new haircut! Kellen is going for his first haircut tomorrow!

Abuelita said...

Love the haircut! Miss him so much I need a visit sooooon!