Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Christmas Photos

Here are some photos of Christmas with Nana and Papa!  Unfortunately we didn't make it down to Dresden for Christmas this year, but Nana and Papa came up to visit and stay with Parker while we were out of town, so I'm sure they had a great time together!  

Here's Parker checking out the cool parking garage playset he got from Great Grandma!

He also got these awesome magnetized gear things that you stick to the fridge and make different patterns!  Each gear does something different and you can make all kinds of crazy patterns with them.  He'll randomly run through the kitchen and turn on the gears, shuffle them around a bit, then keep running.  
Mommy helping Parker open a box.
Mommy helping Parker open a present (I think it was clothes).

Opening his present from Uncle Byron, Aunt Maria, and Brenna!  Word on the street is that Brenna picked out the books especially for Parker!  Thanks!

"OMG it's a book!  I LOVE books!"
"Hooray!  I don't have this one yet!"

Concentrating while he reads about opposites.

Mommy and Parker reading his new books!

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Claire said...

Hands down...the world's cutest reader! They should use his picture at libraries to promote reading!