Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

We took Parker to Bath to check out the parade on Canada Day. They have some firetrucks and soldier guys and bagpipers and stuff, so it's pretty entertaining. We also brought a picnic lunch and ran into another mom and her kids who also went to our Kindermusik class! Here are some photos of us relaxing in the shade (in reverse chronological order -- oops).

We skipped Parker's nap so he could check out the parade. He looks pretty sleepy here but he'd perk up when ever musicians came by or a float had balloons.

Mmmmm... peanut butter and jelly sandwich.....
Check out our sweet picnic lunch! Peanut butter sandwiches, grapes, carrots, apples, some pasta, and some ham! Yum.
Blowing bubbles (or bubb-ohs, as Parker calls them).
April also got us some matching Muno shirts for Father's Day! Here's Parker sporting his new one (his other one is long sleeved, so this one should be better for summer). Every morning Parker tries to find my Muno shirt so I can wear it. It's funny because he'll drag it over to me and go, "Shirt! On!" until I put it on. Hopefully it doesn't disintigrate in the wash because I wear it almost every day now!


Abuelita said...

Pretty good lunch guys, looks yummy! We had great weather in Brockville also for Canada Day.

ncoles said...

Where's the picture of you sporting your shirt!? :P

Garrett Elliott said...

I'm actually sporting my Muno shirt in the 4th photo down but it's hard to see! Parker's is orange but mine is yellow. :D