Sunday, July 19, 2009

I See Toe Toes and A Visit From Kellen

One of Parker's new favourite games is to run into our bedroom and hide behind the curtains. I'm pretty sure he's convinced that we have no idea where he's gone to even though it's pretty obvious there's a Parker-shaped lump behind the fabric.
He likes to jump out and go, "YEEEAAAAH!!!!"
And he also likes it when we say, "I see toe toes!!!!!!" because his feet stick out.
Here's Parker and Mommy (although he looks like he's ready to puke or something).
He didn't puke, but he DID take this self-portrait. He had the camera pointing at his face while he smiled at himself in the mirror and pressed the shutter button.
We also had a visit from Kellen and Claire! We tried to go strawberry picking one morning but the farm was closed. Boo-urns. So we went to the park instead!
I'm still not 100% sure that I like these little Croc-like shoes, but Parker doesn't seem to mind. They're pretty easy to slip on and off and they're great for water and mud!
Kellen looking at stuff.
Trying to decide whether or not to play tic-tac-toe, the only game that can prevent global thermonuclear war.
Kellen's crazy new shoes that light up when he walks! (Lighting up not actually shown in this photo)
Hanging out and being a little boy.
Parker picking up some rocks.....
.....and running away with the rocks while going, "Oooooooooo!"

Parker loves to play "1, 2, 3" while on the swings. To do this, you have to pull (or push) him fairly high while saying, "Ooooonnnnnne...." and then you pull (or push) him even higher while saying, "Twooooooooooooo...." and then you pull (or push) him REALLY high while shouting, "THREE!"
Totally givin'er on the swings.

Kellen not-so-much givin'er but still liking the swings.
.......or maybe not.
Riding the big boy swing!
Eating lunch (but looking kind of dazed).
Riding in the wagon on the way for a swim at the pool!

Thanks for visiting, Kellen (and Claire)! Come back again soon!

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