Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Playdate With The Ross Family!

I'm totally stealing this from Kristyne's blog! April, Parker and the Ross family had a play date on Sunday! I was supposed to be there but was stuck in Ottawa (long story) so I missed out, but luckily Kristyne took some awesome photos to show how much fun they had! Here are the photos with her descriptions. Take it away, Kristyne:

Gabriel, along with Jeff and I, were invited to the Elliotts for an afternoon bbq today, however it almost didn't happen! Gabriel and I were out for a bike ride this morning, with Jeff outside fixing the deck, so he didn't hear the phone ring. When I saw the phone flashing, indicating we had a message waiting, I had a feeling it was from April calling to cancel. I was immediately disappointed, but hoped for the best. When I listened to the message, it was from April explaining how Garrett was stuck in Ottawa, but we were welcome to still come over if we wanted. Of course we wanted! We were very much looking forward to the afternoon, so even though we were disappointed Garrett wasn't there, we were thrilled to spend the afternoon with Parker and April!

As soon as we arrived, we headed out to their backyard to play. Here's a super cute picture of Parker in his house, under his slide.
Then Parker sat down to have his snack, and the boys played "hide" by hiding under their hats.
Of course one must sit in the window sill of rocks! :D
An afternoon outside is never complete until you get to swing.... however, the swinging was shortlived when I found a wasps' nest being built in the corner of the play structure. Thankfully Jeff later went out to buy some wasp spray to take care of the nest.
After a delicious supper of bbq'ed burgers and hotdogs, two salads, a dip and chips, veggies, and some yummy banana ice cream for dessert, we went back outside. While Jeff was gone to the store for the wasp spray, April and Parker played "drive thru" with Gabriel as he pretended he went to McDonalds to order his "grilled cheese bread".
The boys taking a rest on the swing.
Aren't these two boys adorable together? Such a sweet moment....


Abuelita said...

What best of friends should look like! They're adorable. I love the way they love each other.

Kristyne said...

Thanks for having us over. We had a really great time! The boys always have so much fun together.