Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Little Nerd

Also, I guess I should post our potty training strategy. This is something April heard from a friend and it worked for her, so it's what we're going with for now! Yesterday we told Parker he wasn't going to wear diapers any more and that he was going to wear underpants, which he was really psyched about. We told him to only go pee pee in the potty and that he had to keep his underpants dry. So every hour we (well, April) take him to the potty and sit him down until he goes pee, which is usually pretty quickly. And if he does it successfully, we give him a little mini Rolo candy. Mmmm.... bribery... So he's really into peeing on the potty (for the most part) and he's also really into eating mini Rolos. Getting him to poop is going to be more difficult, I think. Hopefully tomorrow is more of a step forward because today was a bit of a step back after yesterday!


Kristyne said...

Parker's adorable and doing really well with the potty training. Don't be discouraged... it'll come!

Abuelita said...

OMG - could he look any cuter??? Love Rolos so I love the bribery tactic, guys. It'll all work out in the end. Just think, you won't have to buy diapers anymore once he's trained. YEAH!

Gemma said...

I LOVE nerds! (look at my husband!) and mini rolos btw!