Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random Photos

Here's Parker in the backyard peeking out from a little window thing in his play structure. He likes to poke his head out and go, "I SEE YOU!!!!!" or, "AHHHHH!!!!" like he's surprising you.
Smiles for Mommy!
Random portraity photo of Parker sitting down in the living room. He wasn't into photos at all that morning (he looks really grumpy in most of them). Check out how long his hair is! He has a hair helmet!
It's been so hot out that we thought it would be fun for Parker to run around through a little sprinkler. Here he is testing out the new underpants.


Abuelita said...

Love the new underwear, Parker! Sprinklers are so much fun especially in super hot days. What a happy little boy you are, Parker!

Claire said...

Love the bright red underwear! Very cool! Is it me, or is Parker's hair super, super curly now!!?

Garrett Elliott said...

Claire: Haha, I think it's just you! :) His hair is kind of long and wavy (we're getting it cut tomorrow) but not that curly any more. Not like Kellen's little 'fro!