Friday, August 7, 2009

Top Secret Boy Stuff

Earlier this week Parker and I went on a top secret adventure to pick up the last bits of April's anniversary present! We told her we were going to Canadian Tire (which we did) but we also made a few other stops. Here are some photos of our morning:

Before we could leave, Parker put his hand in the grease on the inside of the car door, so Mommy had to do some quick wiping. Parker looks thrilled.
Once I started taking photos he wanted to run to the camera so he could check out the baby on the back.
Buckled in and ready to go! His hair is still wet from a shower (which are his new favourite things).
Here we are outside of the mall after we picked up a part of April's anniversary present! Parker thought the handicapped parking sign was pretty awesome to climb on. He is quite pleased with his new height, and made sure I knew it by saying, "Taaaaall! :D"
Here's us outside of Canadian Tire! Parker thought the words "Canadian Tire" were pretty funny, actually, although you would never know it from this photo. Kristyne told us they had a little zoo in the back so I wanted to check it out!
Here we are in the lawnmower section checking things out. I picked up one of these babies! And the secret to getting toddlers to smile at the camera? Make up random words. For this photo I said, "Hey Parker!" and then when I sort of had his attention I'd go, "Pooperschlooper! Shmigglyboo!" and he thought it was pretty entertaining.
We found the little zoo! April and Parker had been there before, so he made sure to tell me there were chickens out there some where.
A peacock!
And a chicken!
And a goat! And a horse!
And a second chicken!

Checking out the animals.
On the drive home, Parker thought it would be funny to eat his own toes. He always alerts us by giggling like a crazy person, and then I look back and say, "Nooooo!!! Not your toe-toes!!!!" and he laughs. And then tries to eat them again.

Toes successfully eaten and top secret boy stuff mission accomplished!


Kristyne said...

Gabriel just started eating his toes again the other day! Too funny!

And I love that you take your camera everywhere with you, documenting the adventures you guys are up to!

Happy anniversary, btw!!

Claire said...

Is it me, or is Parker looking super, super cute these days!??! I love his little plaid shirt! BTW: I also love his hair - very Ralph Lauren or Polo commercial-esque!