Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Death By Kite

We went to Rotary Park the other day and met up with Scott, Gemma, and Milo for some fun on the swings and to try out our Brobee Kites!  Here are some photos.
Just hanging out, being a little boy.
Walking around with Milo.
Over two years ago, I made a post about Parker doing this weird thing where he "powered up" like an anime character or something.  He went to the vault and broke out a quick power up at the park for Scott!
Looking pretty relaxed on the swings!

Scott and Milo having fun on the swings!
April flying the almighty Brobee kite!  Parker and Milo were impressed for about 2 minutes.
Parker trying to fly it by holding the green handle thing.
Gemma and April almost killing themselves with Brobee kites.
Long eyelashes!

These gigantic weird swings are the comfiest swings ever.
Scott giving Parker some Scott's Bread!  Mmmmmm!
Parker is pleased with this acquisition.
I don't remember if I told this story on the blog before, but one time at Scott and Gemma's house, Scott asked Parker if he wanted some dessert, and Parker said yeah.  So Parker had the choice between cake and ice cream, or Scott's Bread.  Guess which he chose?  Scott's Bread.  Awwww yeah.  Best bread ever.


scott said...

what about that time when i was like "so parker was asking about the gee oh el dee eff aye esh aitch," and parker instantly went "GOLDFISH?!?" it was sweet. :B

oh, and he likes scott's bread better than cake and ice cream. aww yee! :B !!!!

Abuelita said...

We've got to try this bread one of these days - must be delicious! Parker, I'll see you tomorrow!

Claire said...

Too Cute!!! Can't wait to see him again!!!